Structural Features

Beach Entries


Full Beach Entry – A true beach entry typically goes from the deck level to the shallow end of the pool. Unfortunately for most pools this requires tremendous yard space.

Partial Beach Entry – A more typical beach entry installation is the partical beach entry, slowly descends from your deck elevation to the second or third step, and then continues in steps to the full depth of the pool.

Both kinds of beach entry are great for families with young children, allowing the children to enjoy the pool in relative safety.

Pool Swim Up Bars and Tables


Your own swim up pool bar or table is always great addition to your pool – they add quite a bit of time you can spend in the pool, relaxing with family and friends over drinks, snacks, and conversation.

CM Custom Pools can install a pool bar in your existing pool, or design one into a new pool. They can be customized any way you can imagine. Please call (386) 615-7425 or use our contact form if you would like a free estimate on your own pool bar or table.

Sun Shelves


A sun shelf is simply an oversized top or second step, the perfect depth for lounge chairs as well as babies and toddlers. Typically, a sun shelf has a bubbler installed which can also double as an umbrella stand. Often, sun shelves are the perfect spot too for adecorative mosiac.


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