Pool Water Features

Deck Jets


Pool deck jets create a graceful arc of water that enters your pool with a gentle splash. You can install one or several jets to enhance the look and functionality of your pool, they are both beautiful and a big hit with kids. And, because CM Custom Pools installs your deck jets flush with the surface of your pool deck, the streams seem to appear magically.

Laminar Jets

Laminar jets are a combination of a deck jet with integrated LED lights, so you have all of the daytime beauty and fun of a deck jet with the addition of a dazzling color effect at night. Laminar jets also have a thumper option to make the color effects vibrate even more intensely, an effect which has to be seen to be believed.



Rainfall Effects

Add beauty and tranquility to your pool with the sight and sound of gently falling water. The rainfall effect projects water that looks and sounds like a spring shower.



Swimming pool sconces often feature animal heads including fish, lions, and gargoyles. They are an elegant architectural detail even when off, and when turned on the gentle sound of water splashing transforms your pool into a classical fountain. CM Custom Pools offers nearly 50 different sconce designs each available in seven finishes for the perfect finishing touch to your swimming pool.

Sheet Waterfalls


Waterfalls can help transformyour pool into a romantic oasis, a playful family water park, or a breathtaking focal point of your backyard retreat. Pool waterfalls are one of the most popular pool water features CM Custom Pools installs. The sheet waterfall, often known as a sheer descent, creates an almost silent, glass-like sheet of water which projects away from the pool wall.

Stone Waterfalls


CM Custom Pools specializes in natural stone pool features, including waterfalls, planters, and koi ponds. These pool features add natural beauty as well as a relaxing visual and auditory element to your pool environment. Waterfalls made of beautiful stone take your pool from basic to extraordinary. Koi ponds add that extra special design element to your home or business and are enjoyable for nature lovers of all ages.

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