Decorative Features



CM Custom Pool Designs will integrate whimsical, classical, nautical, or modern mosaic tile inlays into your swimming pool design. The entire pool surface can be comprised of a variety of sizes of tiles made from glass, porcelain, terracotta, ceramic, or other materials.

Give us an image you like and we can translate it to a mosaic tile design or mural for your pool area. There is also an abundance of pre-designed mosaic accents from which you can choose – aquatic creatures, logos, words, numbers, and more! Not sure what type of mosaic would look best with your custom pool design vision? CM Custom is not just a pool builder – we are also artists when it comes to mosaics.

mosaic_ball mosiac_fish mosiac_dolphin

We use mosaic tiles by Artistry in Mosaics ( and Custom Mosaics ( to maintain the highest level of quality for your mosaic designs.

mosiac_marlin mosaic_bikini mosaic_dolphin

These tile designs are maintenance free and stand up all changes in temperature including frost. Contact us today for a free estimate on the beautiful custom pool design of your dreams and let us add a dose of color and fun with mosaic tiles.

Tile Work

Accent tiles work transforms an ordinary pool wall with a few decorative pieces of tile to make it stand out. Typically these tiles are very simple but very attractive to the eye, making your wall a central focus of the pool. CM Custom Pools includes accent tile work with any raised wall.

Another very popular tile choice is glass tile, which gives a transparent look. Glass tile can be used for an accent wall or for the entire pool.

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